Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chinese Judge Shao Bin Sanctioned & Shao's Response

From FIG website (via TGC):

On August 19, 2011, the FIG Disciplinary Commission announced its decision with regard to Chinese judge Mr Shao Bin, found guilty of fraud at the 2010 Asian Games. Shao Bin has seen his judging brevet downgraded to a category four, and will be responsible for covering the CHF 7,200 in legal costs.

The decision is not unexpected. The FIG report also mentioned that
The Disciplinary Commission tried the Chinese judge at the FIG Head Office on April 27, 2011, at which time it also heard the witness testimony of Men's Technical Committee President Adrian Stoica(ROU), present on-site at the time of the act.

Mr Shao Bin has the right to lodge an appeal within 21 days of notification, in this case September 9, 2011 at midnight.

This is the trial held by FIG Disciplinary Commission. But not sure which department the appeal will go, IOC Disciplinary Commission?

update: Chinese gymnastics judge criticizes FIG sanction:

"The FIG ruling is ridiculous and very disappointing," Shao told Xinhua during an interview late on Wednesday. "The FIG's charge against me is groundless. They have failed to provide any convincing evidence."
Shao argued that FIG rules have a clause that D1 judge has the right to "control" the final score and therefore he didn't break the rules.

By "control", Shao is referring to MAG CoP 2009-2012 V.6 article 10.1 (page 18)

FIG media operations officer Philippe Silacci, however, said in an email to Xinhua that "D1 judges are not authorized to do so", without giving detailed explanation.

A Chinese gymnastics expert who asked not to be named:

"As the chief of Superior Jury, Stoica also had a fault on the matter. He should not escape punishment if the FIG insists on Shao's guilt."
"For the sake of gymnastics itself, the FIG must remedy the defects in rules and uphold fairness."

Shao yet made up his mind on appeal:
"I need to take time to consider it carefully, because even if I lodge an appeal, it would be very possible an effort in vain in view of the current situation that the FIG are too subjective," he said.

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