Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Ghent World Cup

Jiang Yuyuan on Floor(Photo Courtesy: Yan Jia)

Only Jiang Yuyuan and Wu Liufang will be in this weekend(Sep. 3rd-4th)'s Ghent cup , with Jiang competing on UB/BB/FX, and Wu on UB/BB/FX too. (via HT)

On MAG side, the Chinese gymnasts will be Zou Kai(HB/FX), Wang Guanyin(PB), Zhang Hongtao(PH), Luo Xuan(SR), Huang Yuguo(FX/VT), and Liang Qiuhua(VT/PH/SR/HB/PB).

The complete lineup can be found here.

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