Saturday, August 27, 2011

Internal Test from Chinese WAG National Team

(Photo courtesy: Bi Wenjing)

On August 27th, Chinese WAG national team held an internal test meet. 14 national team members participated, and all competed in 4 apparatus except He Kexin who skipped beam.

Yao Jinnan finished 1st in the test meet, as she did in another internal test on Aug 6th. Yao did pretty well on VT/UB/FX, and had a much more improved double layout on floor. On beam, however, she had a wobble on standing full and 2 steps on her double pike dismount.

Yao was followed by Tan Sixin, who also hit all 4 but had some small trouble on vault per her weibo. Sui Lu was solid as usual on beam and floor, and finished with a third highest AA scores.

Jiang Yuyuang and Wu Liufang tied for 4th place. JYY had a OK meet, and was in a slightly better shape than what we saw in Kunshan. Wu was consistent on her 2 strong events-bar & beam, the same routines she did earlier this year, and hit her quadruple spin on floor.

Other highlights in the meet included Huang Qiushuang attempted an Amanar but fell; He Kexin hit her 7.1 bar set but messed up her floor routine.
(via Tieba)

According to Zhang Jie, the gymnastics correspondent of CCTV sports channel, CCTV will report this internal test event tomorrow. The report video will be added here once available. More photos of the test meet can be found in Yan Jia's weibo.

Due to the September's gymnastics competition in the 7th InterCity Games, which is a youth Olympic style sporting event held every four years and the second biggest national sports event next to Chinese National Games, this year post-summer-training gymnastics nationals were moved to November. So this nationals in fall wont serve as the selection for worlds, and gymfans will not be able to see Chinese worlds selection meet. But based on what we heard so far, team's strongest AAer Yao Jinnan and “unofficial MVP” Sui Lu are pretty much a lock for Tokyo. And in next weekend's Ghent cup, we will see how another three are doing.

Ghent cup participants Huang, Wu and Jiang are all top bar workers, but we will only see Huang compete in VT and FX there. QShuang is doing pretty well recently, without of the fall on Amanar she would have had a much better rank in yesterday's meet. and she actually finished second in the August 6th’s internal test. With the Amanar or not, Huang is also likely a lock for Tokyo worlds as she is too versatile to be missed out.
Jiang Yuyuan will be competing UB/BB/FX in Ghent. She suffered same kind of slump-half-year in 2010, but we witnessed her metamorphosis in last year's worlds. It will be very interesting to see whether she is still on the top of her game. An in shape Jiang will give coaches more flexibility to come up with a strong team lineup. Unfortunately, she seems not quite her top form yet. But based what we have seen her throughout the years, if anyone can bounce back, it will be JYY.
We are in a treat for Wu Liufang’s exquisite bar set next week. Her beam routine when hit is also stunning to watch(with that breathtaking Yang Bo leap). Well she actually is one of few Chinese beam and bar specialist that team China used to have and we all miss very much. Wu is capable of beautiful gymnastics and has been fan's favorite, but didn't get many chances to compete on the international stage. And it will be make a lot of us very happy to see her make for this year's world team.

With worlds still 6 weeks away, official worlds team members will not be announced after more internal tests. Per Zhang Jie, CCTV will do more pre-worlds reports in next month featuring the worlds preparation and statues updates etc.

On MAG side, Chinese national team finished their 2-month summer training in JiXian. The national team members, including Cheng Yibing, Feng Zhe, Guo Weiyang, Zhou Kai, Teng Haibin, Zhang Chenglong, Lu Bo, Yan Mingyong etc, had returned to Beijing on August 24th. But CGA yet announced Tokyo Worlds MAG team members.


  1. Huang Huidan is a beam/bar specialist

  2. Thanks cece, you are right. Dandan is also a beam/bar specialist, and a really good one too.