Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Sneak Peak of China's Rio Squad

The London Olympics are over, which concludes the 2009-2012 gymnastics quad. What an excellent 4-year. With 2016 Codes of Points being officially approved, the Rio quad is coming.

YiZhou posted a sneak peak of China's WAG Rio Squad based on the performance from the Chinese National Junior Championships held in Hangzhou in June.

Zhu Siyan: All Around champion,1st on UB and FX from 14-15 age group
Yuan Xiaoyang: AA champion, 1st on VT from 12-13 age group
Liu YingFX champion from 12-13 age group
Fan Yilin: UB champion from 12-13 age group 
Luo Huan: UB 2nd place from 12-13 age group
Plus the few already known Lou Nina, Mei Jie, Wang Wei, and
Liu Zhilin (6th at senior championships) 

And one of Yizhou's personal favorite: Xie Wenwei.(She can dance, period.)

As always, more updated Chinese gymnastics news can be found at GymChina Facebook Page.


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