Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Washington Post Article on Liu Xuan

(Photo Courtesy of Kin Cheung )

Washington Post's "Olympic gold medalist gymnast plunges into Hong Kong entertainment career". Other than the followings, the article is pretty much all about her showbiz career: her recent well-received TV show "Grace under Fire”, new album etc.

Liu said she wants to show that elite athletes can successfully reinvent themselves after their days of competition end. She serves as an example for mainland Chinese athletes who trade their childhoods for rigorous sports programs that can leave them with little other career skills.

“We have seen in the mainland many past champions are not leading good lives,” Liu told The Associated Press. “What we can do is show that after athletes retire, they don’t just coach or become businessmen or political leaders. There are so many professions in the world. I hope they can blend into society.”

Quite unusual to see such a long report on a Chinese ex-gymnast in US mainstream media (still not counting San Lang's lawsuit news). I dont think Liu is well known in the States at all, except to a handful of gymfans. She is one of the rare sports stars that actually made it in the showbiz for sure, but not quite A-list yet. But nevertheless still rather good to read such a report.

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