Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Kunshan Championship Interviews

Post-AA interviews
We saw a all younger-generation podium for WAG AA: two first-year seniors Tang & Yao, plus the junior Zeng. Sixin hit all 4, and delivered a solid beam routine. The international competition experience earlier this year did pay off for both Sixin & Jinnan. Jinnan lost her lead after the big steps back in beam dismount.

The veterans all made mistakes in the AA finals. Sui Lu fell on her Bar dismount, Deng Lingling fell off beam on the switch ring, and Jiang Yuyuan was suffering her first-half-year-slump again (her back has been bothering her throughout the meet).

During the interview, Sixin said that she was "lucky for winning the title", as the "big sisters didn't adjust themselves well in the finals". Jinnan thought she should have done better (on the beam dismount).

Siqi won the bronze as a surprise, as she was only the 10th qualifier from prelim( fell on bar dismount and DTY). But really preformed well in the finals. (love love her FX routine, so cute). She will be senior next year.

Post-prelim interview with Cheng Fei
Cheng was the real star of the meet. Before prelim, she mentioned that she looked forward to competing again- it has been too long. Her DTY & layout pod were both powerful. But her floor routine was a little bit shaky. "This competition as a trail out for me, to allow myself to get used to the feel again".

When asked about her future plan and comeback timeline, Fei said that she just wanted to take one day at a time especially considering the (health) risks of comeback.

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