Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 Kunshan Championship WAG Prelim/TF

The highlights from the prelim/TF:

Cheng Fei VT: Not her personal best yet, but the best in the nationals.

Sui Lu BB: It was heart-aching to see people pointed fingers at her after last year's worlds. Now I'm really glad to see she still has her best on BB, and better yet even managed to upgrade her FX to 6.1.

Wu Liufang UB/BB: Wonderful UB routine, the Shapo+1/1+Tkatchev connection was NICE. And also glad to she is now consistent newly upgraded bhs+layout comb. (yeah yeah she missed her DBC connection, but check out her good YangBo. The super slow-mo of her switch ring is a little bit weird, but so cool to see how she made it ^-^). The BB routine, along with the fab UB(seems still room for upgrade), will hopely earn her a spot on this year's worlds, and this time alternative no more.

Huang Huidan UB: not a flawless routine yet (missed her dismount connection?), the Khorkina is added to her already cool routine. Wow.

Another 6.9 BB routine by Zhangye Linzi (the rest 3 I can remember were done by Sui Lu 2010, Katelyn Ohashi, and Musty). Wobbles here and there, but very exciting to see Linzi try the huge BB routine with such a difficulty.

Will post the scores later.

(videos via Ryan's YTB channel)

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