Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Kunshan Gymnastics Championship WAG Podium Training & Updates

(photo courtesy Guwangjing)

(photo courtesy Jiajia)
Gym Fan Come-back-Kathy did the 2011 Kuanshan gymnastics Championships podium training quick hits on Facebook
Some of the highlights:
Cheng Fei VT: beautiful dtys/huge lo pods
Cheng Fei FX: triple full, sky high dbl pike , 1.5 to 1.o just like og ef, 2.5. dbl L did not get around, gogean, sr
Jiang Tong FX: 1.5 to frt 2.0 to stag, 2.5 to 1.o she could avoid it. dbl tuck dbl pike, 3 spin
Jiang Yuyuan BB: did ff ff triple in warm up arena but not on podium
Huang Huidan BB: arabian to kurbut, fr ff pike big wobble but saved, onodi, wobble, sr wobble
ZhangYe Linzi FX: try whip arabian agaian and huge
ZhangYe Linzi BB: did lo full in warm up arena, not sure for podium.
Deng Linlin BB: did layout full at least one time on podium

Much more can be found from Come-back-Kathy's gymnastic live.

Here is Zhang Jing's BB from Komova2012

The CCTV news on Cheng Fei's coming back from Ryan's YTB channel

Tomorrow will be MAG prelim and both CCTV and CNTV will be broadcasting live. But seems CNTV can not be streamed in the States. Not sure about rest of the areas other than China.

And for the first time in the history of Chinese gymnastics Championships, 8 foreign male gymnasts- from Canada- will be competing at the meet this year. IG's report:
The Canadian team includes Olympians Nathan Gafuik, Ken Ikeda and Brandon O'Neill, as well as Casey Sandy, Kevin Lytwyn, Jayd Lukenchuk, Jackson Payne and Jason Scott.
Per Canada WAG Program director Jeff Thomson:
The purpose of the trip is, of course, to have a good competition experience and for us to learn from the Chinese... But it is also about continuing to expand the positive relationship that has existed between China and Canada for many years and in many areas.
Hope they all have a good time competing.

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