Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More perspectives on the score-fixing scandal

From IG facebook:
International Gymnast Magazine @Beth, please remember that cheating and dirty judging are not restricted to the Chinese, particularly at the Asian Games, which are notorious for these scandals. The Korean judges were accused of similar score fixing and changing at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea. An important question is - why wasn't there an event expert who noticed this at the time? Why did it take five months for the FIG to take action?

A quick recap of the Men's FX EF at 2010 Asian Games. According to the start list of FX EF, Zhang Chenglong competed (5th) before Kim Soo Myun(6th). Zhang's score (D:6.4/E:9.0) was given before KIM Soo Myun was on. Final score can be found from fulltwist.

Here is the judges list of the FX EF. The 1st D-panel judge Shao Bin was sitting next to the D2 judge Nam Seung Ku (first right)from South Korea.

Here is the clip with Zhang and Kim in the FX EF.

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