Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FIG: Chinese Judge Cheated at Asian Games

Here the report from IG:
According to the FIG, China's Shao Bin was serving on the Difficulty panel in the floor exercise final in Guangzhou when he changed an Execution score without authorization. The altered Execution score placed China's Zhang Chenglong in a tie for the gold medal with Korean gymnast Kim Soo Myun.

"Shao Bin modified an Execution score prior to its release without informing either the head Execution judge or the Superior Jury," the FIG stated. "[Shao] committed this act upon his own initiative and with complete disregard for the rules in force."

According to the FIG website, Shao is a Category 2 judge, the second-highest ranking for international judges. He now faces a disciplinary suit for "having violated the ethical code and judging rules."

"The FIG deems [Shao]'s attitude wholly unacceptable and has decided to take severe action, transferring this case to its Disciplinary Commission," the FIG stated.

Both GymNiceTic and Gymnastics Coaching have reported this.

What had this judge been smoking? Did he really think he could pull this off without getting caught?

BTW, how did FIG not notice this right away!? Wasn't Asian Games almost half year ago?

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