Thursday, March 17, 2011

Follow up on the score-fixing scandal

Chinese Gymnastics Association hold a press conference on Mar. 17th regarding the score-fixing issue. Here is the statement by Pan Chenfei - Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Gymnastics Association,
I. Chinese Gymnastics Association has got the e-mail from FIG only a few days ago, informing us proceedings has been lunched to look into Shao Bin's violation of the judges' rules during the Floor Exercise final of the Asian Games and asking us to inform Shao Bin himself and we did. Our preliminary investigation has led to the result that Shao Bin made bold to do this and further investigation is being expected. We will let him cooperate with the investigation.
II. Chinese Gymnastics Association is always against and do not tolerant any violation of international rules. We have always told judges to obey to rules and to judge fairly in their education. Any actions from anybody of a violation of international rules are wrong and unacceptable.
III. The FIG is investigating this issue and whenever the fact is determined and a decision comes out, the Chinese Gymnastics Association will take action to the party correspond to the FIG decision.

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Some official bla bla. During the post-conference interview, however, he pointed out several questionable points regarding the FIG's allegation. First, why there was a 4+ months delay, as pointed out by the gym followers. Second, the FIG official who brought up the allegation was Mr. Adrian Stoica -- FIG Men's Technical Committee President and President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. Mr. Stoica served as FIG technical representative during the 2010 Asian Games. In another word, he was the head judge who approved both the release of individual scores and the final ranking of Men's FX EF. (apparently sign-off by the head judge is needed on both individual scores and the final ranking. Gymnast's score would not be released until the head judge unlocks it as required by the computer scoring system. And the final ranking - especially when tie breaking is needed - must be approved with head judge's signature. We did learn some useful facts from this :( ). Of course Mr. Stoica did sign off on both!

Mr. Pan also mentioned in the interview that, according to one judge who judged in the 2010 Asian Games gymnastics, Mr. Stocia brought up and criticized "changing score" cases (yes in plural form, how many times score changing had occurred?? ) during an internal judges meeting in 2010 Asian Games. It is safe to assume Mr. Stocia was fully aware the judging issue.

There was another interview with Chinese Gymnastics Association official Ye Zhennan, who casted pretty much the same doubts on the timing and questioned the FIG Men's TC president's motive.
More on Mr. Adrian Stoica from Gymnastics Coaching.

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