Monday, March 14, 2011

News on Upcoming French international-Updated

CCTV news on the Chinese WAG & MAG lineup for the upcoming 18th French international.

During the interview, Deng Linlin mentioned that she will be competing the full twisting layout plus korbut- a BBGB combo! on beam in World Cup this weekend- her first attempt on this skill in an international competition.

Also Kexin's upgrade on bars is Healy full turn pirouette(forward giant with double turns- the exact skill isn't shown in the clip). But she isn't planning use the new skill in the Paris Cup.

The news clip does show Wu Liufang training on her new "layout + immediate bhs swingdown" combination on beam.

Below are more detailed version of the news clip:

During the interview, Huang Qiushuang also talked about her training on Amanar.

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