Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recent News on Chinese WAG

Update on the upcoming March competitions from Coach Lu’s blog:
Huang Qiushuang will compete at 3/5 American Cup (how about JYY?),
Tan Sixin and Yao Jinnan(her long-awaited international debut!) for 3/11-3/13 Cottbus Cup,
some (internationally) new gymnasts for 3/24-3/27 Wild Rose in Canada,
several veterans from 2010 Rotterdam will be at 3/19-3/20 French Internationals.

New Juniors joined Chinese national WAG team after the National Gymnastic Training Camp in January:
Luo Pieru, Chen Li, Liang Lixia –Team GuangDong
Zhou Gabei –Team HuNan
Bai Delan –Team BeiJing
Pan Ni- Team AnHui
Li Shanshan(different from 08OG:) - Team HeBei
Zeng Panpan- Team Guizhou
Zhou Gabei(on right) is another talented pupil from Coach Ling Jie
-Via Gymnastics TieBa

Guandong Gymnastics Team Head Coach Chen Shijng is joining South Korean WAG team. Chen Shijing was Li Ning’s coach, and some current national WAG team members from Guangdong like Yang Yiling, Huang Qiushuang, Wu Liufang were all coached by him. Guandong gymnastic team, especially the WAG team, is the top provincial team in China.
-via Fan Ye’s Weibo

Congrats to 2 proud new mommies: Coach Zhang Xia( Deng Linlin and Jiang Yuyuan’s coach) and retired gymnast Meng Fei–both daughters.
-Via Bi Wenjing's Weibo
Meng Fei is now the owner of restaurant called "Long Chang"- popular among Chinese gymnasts and Olympic champions


  1. That was a lovely DLO from Zeng Panpan! Her flexibility could use some work, though. And isn't Zhou Gabei supposed to be Zhou Jiabei? Her beam is wonderful! I'm very excited for the new juniors, and I can't wait to Yao's international debut. I really adore her FX. Lastly, Congrats to the new moms!

  2. I thought her name was Zhou Jiabei until I saw her BB by "chinesegym1" on youtube. We will certainly see more of her.