Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 National Individual Championship Schedule

2011 National Individual Championships will be held at Hong Kong from November 17th to 20th, and here is the schedule:

Nov. 17th - WAG Qualification
Nov. 18th - MAG Qualification
Nov. 19th - EF Day 1 (MAG: FX PH SR WAG: VT UB)
Nov. 20th - EF Day 1 (MAG: VT PB HB WAG: BB FX)

Detailed schedule(prelim & finals) and roster can be found at the championship official website. And Yizhou has updates on GymChina facebook page.


  1. Hi, John! Thank you so much for your informations about 2011 National Individual Championship! I wonder if you know where could I find the Start List of WAG competition.
    Thank you one more time.

  2. Cedrick, the start list can be found here~