Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick links on Zhang Shangwu's Story

Gymnastic Examiner, the-all-around and fulltwist reported on the recent news about retired Chinese gymnast Zhang Shangwu, and linked to the report from China Daily. Here are more news links:

Zhang on his athletic career, post-retirement life and past wrongdoing (Sina)
, donations, and job offers Zhang received (Sina)
Zhang on his plan to open his own gym

Zhang’s mother on his discipline issues (iFeng)
Former teammates & coaches on Zhang’s talent, and previous deeds (Sina)
Chinese Gymnastics Association on Zhang Shangwu (GymChina Facebook)

Debate on whether Zhang’s a victim of system or his own wrongdoing: 1 2 3 (Sina)

Zhang’s gymnastic vid: Vault, Parallel Bars


Links of report & studies on current Chinese Athletes' post-retirement life:

Many Chinese Athletes Find No Glory In Retirement (An 2008 NPR report on issues Chinese retired athletes faced)
A Study on Employment and Arrangement of the Retired Athletes in China
On the Present Situation of Resettlement of Chinese Retired Athletes and Countermeasures
Retired athletes careers & family background of athletes in Zhejiang provincial team (survey analysis in Chinese)


A quick note on Telegraph’s following up article on Chinese whole nation program. Mr. Moore is currently living in 2011's Shanghai (for a moment I thought that was a 2001 article) and is supposed to have access to the first hand information, he should have given us a better rounded report. Since he decided to use facts and numbers from this site, he should be noted that monthly wage of WAG athletes are not necessarily applicable for those from other sports, and athletes do receive bonus marks as special concessions on their “university entrance exams”. An better article on Chinese whole nation sport system can be found in Economist, issue of Aug 21st 2008.

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