Sunday, July 3, 2011

Japan Cup AA Results

WAG AA Podium(photo via official facebook)

Tsurumi and Uchimura won the 2011 Japan Cup AA titles. Here are the results for WAG and MAG. On the women side, Tsurumi had a terrific meet and hit all 4. Sui Lu fall on double pike dismount on beam, and Yao Jinnan fall on standing tucked full on beam and landed hand down on the double layout mount on floor. More detailed reports on both AA women and men performance can be found from The All Around.

More updates: Sui Lu's AA FX


  1. Why Cheg Fei did not compete in this competition? Her name was on the start list...please, let me know to notice on my blog. Everybody is asking this for me...


    Cedrick Willian

  2. I didn't see any report on why she withdrew, but pretty sure it wasn't injury related. Let's hope she can go to Japan later this year.

    Interestingly, she actually got her Japan cup team gold medal even though she didn't go.

  3. I hope somebody here, from this blog, can answer this for us! =)

    I wanna see Chen Fei in JApan on october!!!

  4. I don’t have answer to your question. But I have long wanted to write something on Cheng Fei’s 2 year of strenuous rehabilitation (from 2009 Belgrade Universiade in which she exacerbated her right knee injury through 2011 nationals- her first came back competition). We understand that late 2008 till early 2009 might have been the hardest time for Cheng Fei both physically and emotionally. However, after the 2 year of rehab, we saw a brand new Cheng Fei, a “Detractors Can Say Whatever They Want” Cheng Fei, during Kunshan Championship earlier this year. We read quite a lot on news about her injury recovery, training and even her weight loss. But no much had been written about how she recovered emotionally. Some fans have been saying that the microblogging actually helped her. Not sure how true that statement is, but her microblogging does help us know more about Cheng Fei.

    Cheng Fei started her own Weibo(Chinese version of twitter ) since early 2010. Her official weibo account has over 1 million followers till July 2011. Like how twitter change people interact and read news in the English speaking countries, Chinese Weibo are so popular in nowadays China and even main stream media reporters start to run news using the leads found from weibo. Thanks to her Weibo, thousands of Gym fans in china discovered a very different Fei other than the notoriously shy one we know in the TV interviews. Fay(her account name) is so down to earth, open , and surprisingly funny. Unfortunately her humorous microblogging, most by the cyberlanguage and puns, are not translatable (actually even the Taiwanese would find some of the cyberlanguage used in Weibo confusing). If you happened to understand Mandarin cyberlangugues and would like to check out the Fay’s micro blogging from, please remember to read the comments area. You will find many witty replies to the questions from gym fans and hilarious interactions she had with some real life and cyber friends.

    Few fans know that Fay actually had another weibo account (different website) other than her officially verified account. Earlier this year, a handful of die hard gym fans found Fay actually had been tweeting through a different account for a few months. And from this account, fans found that Fay usually started some tweets (or retweets) around midnight and began her daily routine chatting session with some weibo followers. Through this more private account, we learn that her new favorite sports are tennis and figure skating, and she is a movie buff, a fan of Korean figure skater Yuna Kim, and her first destination for post-retirement study is Melbourne, Australia etc. From time to time, Fay talks about her love for the sports, friendship with teammates (she nicknames pretty much every one of them), and her longing back the competition again as she missed the game-faced Fei.

    Now with the daily training becomes more and more intense, we see less of Fay’s midnight tweets. But instead we would see more of her in the competition- the Fei we have been long missing. From the Nationals earlier this year, her signature start-twisting-at-the-highest Yurchenko and the sky high double pike, though seems too simply from CF, still reminded us the outworldly tumbling ability. But this time around, we saw a veteran with new spirit. I know the fans will be there always rooting for her, as she continues to make history. Her next competition will be 2011 Universiade next month in Shenzhen.