Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Kunshan Championship WAG EF Day 2 Results

(Photo Courtesy: Sohu Sports)
Sui Lu 15.550(6.5)
Zeng Siqi 15.375(6.4)
Zhangye Linzi 15.175(6.9)
Lou Nina 14.900(6.3)
Li Shanshan 14.525(6.3)
Deng Linlin 14.350(6.6)
Tan Sixin 14.000(6.2)
Huang Huidan 13.450(6.0)

Sui Lu 14.800(5.9)
Zeng Siqi 13.950(5.3)
Yao Jinnan 13.900(5.5)
Deng Linlin 13.825(5.2)
Zeng Panpan 13.475(5.6)
Tan Sixin 12.825(5.3)
Jiang Tong 12.425(5.5)
Zhangye Linzi 12.175(5.4)

(Video via Ryan's YTB Channel)


  1. I think maybe you have a typo - on BB did Zeng Siqi get a higher score than Sui Lu? Thanks for putting these up!

  2. Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. have a look at this pictures from the event finals;

  4. Thanks Christian! Those are amazing. I especially love those photos of Siqi you took. She was such a good competitor, and she ins camera ready in every angle. Too bad we wont be able to see her in this year's worlds.

    I heard Norwegian correspondents from eurosports were in the championship. Did you have a good time?

  5. Thanks for your feedback John!
    Yes, I have been working in Norway with both gymnastics and media, including Eurosport since Sydney 2000. But now I’ve moved to Shanghai for a change and styding chinese ;-)
    And yes, The Chinese gymnasts is much better than the Norwegians ;-) And Siqi in special did impress me much!...
    Thanks to your blog for providing me the first information about the championship!
    PS: Your e-mail adress in the feedbackform was incorrect.