Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disciplinary Investigation on Shao Bin

A hearing of three days will be held in Lausanne this week. Shao Bin answered media as departing at Shanghai airport with a group of lawyers. They are feeling confident on defending.

The FIG Men’s Artistic 2009 – 2012 Code of Points Article 10.1 reads “…The judge D1 has, among others, the following functions: …. d) to control the Final Score for each exercise.” Adrian Stoica, the head of the superior jury, was informed about the score change via computer system as he himself reported to IG.

“This has been well prepared and Mr. Shao would be able to be confident at the hearing. As for the part of disciplinary suit, we have got reasonable citation to controvert. All he did does not conflict with any FIG rules.” said Xiao Lei, one of the lawyers, “You can try to blame him for inappropriate scoring, but the FIG published a conclusion-like announcement without any reasons or research against Mr. Shao Bin on the sportsmanship level and this has hurt his reputation and life. We are battling to defend.”

The conclusion is expected to be made within three months. Shao Bin is seeking further appeal if it does not satisfy him.

Here is what MAG CoP 2009-2012 V.6 article 10.1 (page 18) says:

The judge D1 has, among others, the following functions:
a) To coordinate the work of all members of the Apparatus Jury.
b) To serve as liaison between the Apparatus Jury and the Chair of the Superior Jury, through the Apparatus Supervisor in the Superior Jury.
c) To assure the efficient running of his apparatus including the control of warm up time and also:
i. To give the green light or other conspicuous signal to notify the gymnast that he must begin his exercise within thirty seconds.
ii. To acknowledge the completion of the gymnast’s exercise.
d) To control the Final Score for each exercise.
e) To apply additional deductions and penalties (line violations, etc.) as stipulated in the Code of Points.
• The additional deductions for poor conduct are brought to the Scoring Table before the Final Score is displayed.
• The additional deductions for Floor Exercise time and line violations are brought to the Scoring Table before the Final Score is displayed.
• Vault line deductions
• No respect of the official warm-up time at parallel bars

People say when treated unfairly you could trow the book at him, but what if he actually wrote "the book"? Make no mistakes, FIG is sure no judiciary court. For gymfans who are long familiar with FIG's reputation and read enough on what actually had happened, all we can do is to hope the very best for Shao. Seems this time FIG, and Mr. Stoica, have determined to make an example of someone, yet again.

More report can be found in FIG website.

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