Sunday, March 6, 2011

Huang Qiushuang - 2011 American Cup

Here are Huang's VT, UB & FX.

betweentheolympics On her overall performance
Huang Qiushuang continued to be her frustrating self. She competed an easy double twist on vault, and hit her somewhat downgraded bars. She looked good on beam for the first 20 seconds, hitting a beautiful front pike, and looked like she was actually going to connect her acro series. But then, she fell on her series and on a leap later on in the routine. ... She is such a beautiful gymnast who has tons of potential, but she needs to learn how to hit four for four under pressure.
The things I enjoyed watching: Wieber's BB, Mustafina's UB, Huang hit her UB and FX, Mustafina's 3.5 twist, Wieber's VT, Raisman's calmness, Kaeslin 's save on BB

And some comments from Lauren Hopkins
Raisman, who had poor form throughout, received an 8.5 for her efforts, where as Huang – who scored a 15.133 with near-perfect form and a beautiful stuck double layout dismount – received only an 8.433 E score. There is no world in which Raisman should get a higher execution score than a Chinese gal on this event. It’s absolutely impossible.

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