Sunday, March 6, 2011

CCTV news on Tan Sixin & Yao Jinnan

Tokyo WC hopefuls Tan and Yao are going for Cottbus Challenge Cup in 3/11-3/13, and the Doha Challenge Cup in 3/31-4/1 (2 category-B World Cup events).

Yao's coach Wang Qunce on Yao's tumbling ability: she might not have the highest tumble, but she can manage to stay longer in the air.

As this is only Yao's senior international debut, the international competition experience itself is more important to Yao and the coaches won't give her the most difficulty routines to compete yet.

On the most recent update from Coach Lu's blog, he mentioned the newly introduced circuit of world cup events (category A&B). His only compliant was on individual apparatus event (French Internationals in Pairs) - it takes a little bit too much in term of both time and cost to fly Chinese gymnasts all the way to Europe to compete on one event only (He & Huang on UB, Deng & Wu on BB, Sui on FX).

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