Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Festival Gala by Chinese Gymnastic Team

Feb. 3th will be 2011 Chinese New Year. The CCTV’s yearly spring festival gala is the most viewed TV show in China(average viewer of 700 millions). To Chinese gymnastics fans, that show is not half as entertaining as the spring festival gala by Chinese gymnastics team. In Coach Lu's new blog, he shared some of his most memorable moments among all the gymnastics team spring festival gala over last (about) 25 years. His favorites included song by Cheng Fei in 2001 and Yang Yun’s dance in 2003. This year’s spring festival gala will be hosted by Jiang Yuyuan.
Cheng Fei in a mouse costume in 2008-year of Rat

Some clips from previous galas...
SuperGril & Nobody Dances in 2010

by Yang yilin , Jiang yuyuan, He kexin, Zhang Yujiao, Sui Lu, He Ning etc.

Cowgirl Dance in 2008

by Yang Yilin,He Kexin,Sui Lu,Hu Yuhong

Song & Dance(1:10) by WAG Juniors in 2005-when they were still young...

by (opening left to right): Tian Mengsi, Sui lu, Nai Ruoyu, Jjiang Yuyuan, Hu Yuhong, Deng Linlin

By far the most talk-about...
Swan Lake by MAG members in 2008

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