Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Chinese National Gymnastics Team Spring Festival Gala

Thanks to rkwy1212, here are some video clips from Spring Festival Gala by national team...

Beautiful Girls
by Yang Yilin, Jiang Yuyuan & Sui Lu

By Cui Jie, Liu Siyuan, He Kexin, Zeng Siqi, Tan Sixin(left to right at the opening)

00:00-03:50 Dance "Sorry Sorry" by MAG Members
03:53-04:26 Host Chen Yibing
04:30-06:03 Variety Show by Yang Yilin, He Kexin, Cui Jie & Jiang Tong
06:05-07:00 Stand-up Show "Twins" by Yang Yiling & Cui Jie (so hilarious)
07:05-07:52 Chinese Folk Song "TanTe" By He Kexin (wow, never see Kexin can pull this off...)
08:00-08:45 Dance "Shower Song" by Yang Yilin, He Kexin & Cui Jie.
09:08-10:20 Dance by He Kexin, Huang Qiushuang, Cui Jie, Jiang Tong & Sui Lu(check out Huang Qiushuang- she is so good at this...)
10:22-10:55 Hostess Jiang Yuyuan
11:00-14:50 Poetry Reading by Zhuang Jinlin

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