Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Wii Game

The SJ Gymnastics game I ordered at amazon arrived today. It is really a interesting game, and balanced board option is definitely more fun to play with. As we anticipated after seeing the promotion video, the graphic could have been better and there are forms issues here and there, and the FX "choreography" is .... But still, it will be a perfect Xmas gift for gymnastics fans.

The events order in the competition in the game are FX/UB/VT/BB. By winning the competitions level by level, more difficult skills on all four apparatus will be unlocked. As most video games out there, tips on how to bypass the level-by-level unlocking process should be available online soon. But personally I still think the simpler routine can help players learn how to utilize remote/Nunchuk movement to achieve the gymnastics element in the game, e.g. the twisting tumbles on floor exercise are done by rolling Nunchuk stick. There is replay after each routine in competition, and this portion really makes me appreciate the routines "performed". There are really some decent skills.

The hands down best feature in this game should be the choreography editor- simply every gymnastics fan's dream coming true. My (hopely) first edited routine will be Cheng Fei 04 OG FX.

Here is a nice new video for Shawn from Gymnasticsfan15

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  1. Now you can become a virtual gymnast! and choreographer