Friday, November 12, 2010

News of podium training Asian Game 2010

-translated by longdoydoy

(shows scene of Chinese WAG team entering arena)
Narrator: Night of November 11, 2010, the 6 team members of the Chinese WAG team, Jiang Yuyuan, He Kexin etc., showed up at the podium training in preparations for the beginning of competitions. In their one and a half hour training, they completed the exercises for UB, BB, FX and VT, along with the Japanese and Indian teams. We noticed that every crucial technique was repeated twice by the athletes due to being in good mental and physical conditions; it seems that the lost of spirits since the recent gymnastics World Tournament Championships (WTC) was swept away. WAG team head coach, Lu Shan Zhen, had a smile on his face.

(Coach Lu interviewed)
Coach Lu: The girls had done well at the podium today, they had shown their spirits and competitiveness. After we had summarized their insufficiencies at the last gymnastics WTC, we asked that (look forward that) our girls could perform undeterred. Indeed, they had performed well on podium today, but it does not guarantee the same results when they’re at the competitions; but I hope their high spirits could be brought forward to the actual competitions.

(shows scenes of gymnasts from different countries at podium training)
Narrator: While the Chinese WAG team’s current main opponents are the Europeans and the Americans, but Coach Lu stressed that the strengths of the Japanese and the Koreans are not to be underestimated; especially, the North Koreans, who were reportedly banned from participation due to the disclosure of a violation of age falsification of one of their athletes recently, however, if the North Koreans were allowed to compete, they would be the formidable VT contenders.

Coach Lu: Each of the Japanese athletes is strong; they were 3rd in AA and 2nd in UB at last year’s Worlds. Also, one Korean was in the Worlds VT finals…Then there are the North Koreans…

Interviewing reporters: …the North Koreans aren’t here this time, are they?

Coach Lu: …I really don’t know, at this point, it is not definite as far as I know. Right till this moment, to my knowledge, it is not definite that the North Koreans are banned from this competition.

Reporter: Have you seen them here, so far…?

Coach Lu: But, no, I have not. Then again, if they were here, they would be a very “secretive” team (having the capability of great intimidation).

Narrator: Lastly, Coach Lu expressed that the Chinese team will not lower it’s D-value to play safe just because the opponents are not too challenging this time around, as this meet is part of the groundwork for the 2012 London Olympics.

(of Zhong Xin coverage)

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