Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best Chinese BB routines of the year

Sui Lu BB in Asian Games EF was certainly one of the best performed routines in 2010. Here are some other excellent BB routines in 2010.

Tan Sixin BB EF Youth Olympics

Vedio by AndromedaAiken
Super clean routine from the brightest Chinese junior.

Sui Lu 2010 Nationals AA

A huge 6.9 D-score, both front half tucked and piked. Shame she missed out the opportunity to make front jump half to back pike her named element.

Wu Liufang BB EF 2010 Nationals

Steady all over, with a stuck double pike dismount.

Zeng Siqi BB EF 2010 Championship

Overall a clean routine, except the small wobble and the big step aside on dismount. Zeng is 1999 WC BB world champion Ling Jie's best pupil yet.

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