Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lu on the performance of the Chinese WAG team in Rotterdam

During the last week’s World Championship in Rotterdam, Chinese WAG only won two silvers on AA & BB and 1 bronze on TF, which was the first no gold medal since 2002 in Debrecen. It is notable, however, Jiang, Yuyuan managed to capture the silver medal on AA, the best AA record by Chinese gymnasts by far.


On Chinese WAG team’s overall performance in Rotterdam,

As the reigning Olympic champion team, Chinese WAG team is still one of the strongest team in the world, and our best apparatus remain the highest technical standard.

On the reasons for gold medal drought:

First of all, the expectation to win team gold was too high. We underestimated the challenges we face in the TF -- we didn’t expect our rivals to rise so soon (referring to Russian’s revival). the “blessings” from the judges (referring to downgrade of Deng’s BB in TF etc.) were out of our expectation. In addition, Cheng Fei’s absense took a toll on our competitiveness in Vault and Floor, and the morale of the whole team.

On the lessons learned from this World Championship

There are many lessons learned during this competition, which we hope would be beneficial to our preparation for the London 2012. To name one, our team didn’t perform well on our strongest apparatus – uneven bars. Kexin, who had never lost a single international title before, fell off the bar during EF in Rotterdam despite a wonderful routine during prelim. Her loss rings a bell for our team and serves a lesson for our athletes.

Lu Shanzhen has been the head coach of the Chinese WAG team since 1993. He was the personal coach to several Olympic and world champions such as Cheng Fei, Liu Xuan, Bi Wenjing etc. He led the Chinese WAG to its first Worlds Team Gold in 2006 and Olympic Gold in 2008.

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