Sunday, October 31, 2010

CCTV Coverage of Women’s AA Finals in 2010 Rotterdam Worlds

-translated by longdoydoy

(CCTV5 studio)
Female presenter: The women’s AA finals in Rotterdam concluded this morning.
Chinese gymnasts Jiang Yuyuan and Huang Qiushuang did a splendid job and earned 2nd and 4th placements respectively.

Male presenter: Jiang Yuyuan’s silver medal is thus far the best results for the Chinese women’s AA in a world class gymnastics competition. The AA gold medal was taken by Russian gymnast, 16 year-old Mustafina.

(shows scene of AA finals)
Narrator: The AA contenders compete in 4 events of VT, UB, BB and FX. Our two girls performed very well today, they had the top 2 rankings after 3 events were competed. (Yuyuan on bars) In the event of UB, Jiang Yuyuan started smoothly with an exceptionally long routine, with 3 continuous pirouettes followed by a Tkachev executed with good flow; she earned 15.533 in this 6.9 D-value UB routine, the highest score (dismount, crowd applauds). In the AA FX, Yuyuan did much better than in the team finals, she completed her difficult techniques in her frolic floor music “Lift up your veil” and secured 2nd ranking. This was the best result in the Chinese women’s AA at a world championships.

(Yuyuan interviewed)
Zhang Jie: We found that you had exceptional stability today, do you feel that it’s the result of your accumulated experiences in the past international matches?
Yuyuan: Yes, I have learned to hold it together through all those competitions.
Zhang Jie: How had you remained focus?
Yuyuan: Through systematic practices I had the confidence to concentrate and just went out there and performed.

(shows Qiushuang on VT)
Narrator: Although this is the first Worlds for Qiushuang, she has not been holding back; she was ranked third after 3 events. But in the last event, the FX, (shows Qiushuang’s error in FX) she was out of bounds with both feet in her “900 degree back lay-out and 360 degree front lay-out” tumble pass (phew! That’s a mouthful for the Chinese term :D Just kidding!) and was caught up by American gymnast, Rebecca Bross, and ranked fourth in the end.

(Qiushuang interviewed)
Qiushuang: This is my first Worlds AA, I will mature with this experience; I am already very pleased that I had gone through with my 4 events here (smiles). I will need to “walk the path and polish myself” in my AA competitions (Chinese expression).

(shows Mustafina on bars)
Narrator: The AA championship belonged to Russian gymnast, 16 year-old Mustafina, she competed in the AA finals with a first ranking in prelims. This was her first Worlds AA, she seemed to have shown anxieties in her UB and BB, and had slowed down her rhythm of her routines.

Narrator: ...(shows Mustafina on FX) Nevertheless, in the final event, the FX, she was the last gymnast to compete, and she had let go of all pressures and executed her best FX routine ever. (shows Mustafina, Bross and Jiang on awards podium) In the end, she had earned the highest score of 61.032.

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