Sunday, November 20, 2011

FX Event Final Results - 2011 National Individual Championship

Deng Linlin wins floor final(photo by Kaixuan-Gym)

Deng Linlin 13.925(5.6)
Lou Nina 13.825(5.4)
Li Shanshan 13.675(5.3)
Angel Huang  13.65(5.4)
Xiao Kanjun 12.45(5.3)
Wang Xin 12.325(5.2)
Huang Huidan 11.6(5.2)
Jiang Tong 11.525(5.1)

Thanks Alar for the quick upload!!

Wu Liufang suffered a minor foot injury during the BB final, - she fell on her dismount. This championship isn't quite her meet as she had to withdraw bars due to an old hand injury. Wish FangFang a speedy recovery!

Yang Yilin  and new world champ Sui Lu showed up in the day-2 event finals to support the fellow teammates and meet local gymfans. Some of the photos can be found in Kaixuan-Gym's weibo.

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