Monday, October 3, 2011

Podium Training at Worlds

The Couch Gymnast, Gymnastic Examiner, GymnasticsCoaching, and Gymnastike are all in Tokyo and have done a wonderful job reporting training sessions.

Worlds quick links can be found at GymnasticsCoaching, along with Rick's daily wrapup
Gym Examiner: detailed quick hits by Blythe
The Couch Gymnast: photos, reports on Brigid's facebook and also on the TCG site.
Gymnastike: Videos by Anne Phillips
Fulltwist has a complete guide on the Worlds schedule and coverage.

After Podium Training( Photo Courtesy: Team Manager Ye Zhengnan)

Here is Brigid's piece on team China's podium training, and Blythe's quick hits on day two's podium training can be found here.

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