Friday, July 22, 2011

CoverGirl Classic

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Other analysis I enjoyed reading: Aunt Joyce, STOI!

Nice to see Shawn’s right on track and wow to Chellsie's performance, but I just don’t see they make to this year’s worlds team with so many talented new seniors coming up. With Wieber(VT/UB/BB/FX), Raisman (VT/BB/FX) and a healthier Bross(UB/BB) , one gymnast with a Amanar & lower 6 FX (Maroney?) plus one bar specialist – and still one spot left, those girls’ will be the team to beat in Tokyo. Alicia was solid and looks like a lock for worlds, but she is indeed fighting for the same spot for London team with Aly, less so for Tokyo though. But Alicia won't contribute more to a team than Aly before mastering an Amanar. And if Raisman can tuck her front punch slightly tighter to avoid the oob and big step (or just stuck the tucked double Arabian as she did before and drop the front punch-much less impressive than her current pass), her tumbling passes will be one of most exciting on floor. As far as bar specialists goes, I enjoyed watching Anna Li’s routine, but seems B. Caquatto has a better chance to make it to the worlds team- at least for now. And we will see more in next month's Visas Championships.

From Vids from Podium Training
The long-awaited
Alicia Sacramone's floor

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