Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Junior National Championship WAG EFs Podium

UB Podium(Photo Courtesy: HunanTicao)

1. Huang Huidan
2. Zeng Siqi
3. Luo Peiru

1. Li Yiting
2. Wang Wei
3. Zhou Qiaohong

1. Zeng Siqi
2. Dong Yanting
3. Zhang Qing

1. Sun Dongwei
2. Zhang Qing
3. Zeng Panpan

More details can be found in GymChina Facebook.

The main admin of the GymChina Facebook is Hu Yizhou. She has been a contributor to International Gymnast Magazine, and we also know her as xlhdh from youtube. As admin of the GymChina Fackbook, Yizhou will be joined by Ed Zhang. I will also be contributing. If you has not yet liked it on Fackbook, please go check it out...

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