Friday, March 4, 2011

More on Huang Qiushuang - The Day Before American Cup

Blythe's "Seven questions with Huang Qiushuang"
Q: How did you and your teammates and coaches feel about China's performance at the 2010 World Championships?

Huang Qiushuang: "The 2010 World Championships were like a showcase for the youth athletes, and the new athletes wanted to pratcice and get some experience at the world level."

Q: Do you feel competitive with your teammates? Do you feel pressure?

Huang Qiushuang: "Yes, I do. Under this pressure in competition, I try to pursue the best level and skill for each event as I can so I can go to international championships."

On the "Who's going to win the American Cup? (women)" discussion hosted by Blythe. Here is Clara (STOI!)'s pick:
Everyone else is going to be saying Mustafina or Wieber, with good reason because they're the favourites and on paper would be pretty evenly matched. But I'm going to put another possibility out there. Huang Qiushuang will, with her impeccable timing, choose this most important of competitions to finally get her s*** together. She's got to do it sometime, and we all know it won't be at a major championship, so why not now?
Read more of Clara's insightful view on the SCAmerican Cup.

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