Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kui Yuanyuan- Gymnastike's Gymnast of the Week

Kui Yuanyuan is featured by Liz from Gymnastike as the Gymnast of the week.
Kui is still recognized as one of the most masterful gymnasts on beam and her 1997 World’s beam routine is still one of the most difficult and perfectly executed.

Post-retirement life:
Kui retired from gymnastics after the 2000 Olympics and attended University of International Business and Economics to study French but left after a few semesters. In 2006 she married her boyfriend and gave birth to a daughter a year later
Kui is now living in Beijing and is gymnastics coach for a local Gym school. Here are some photos from her blog and weibo

Kui & her old teammates (the 1997-1999 Gang) @ Meng Fei's birthday party in Mar. 2008( front row from left: Bi Wenjing, Wang Xin, Sang Lan, Zhu Yingying, Peng Sha. Back row - .,.,., Kui Yuanyuan, Meng Fei,Zhou Duan)

Kui & 2008 Gang @ Bi Wenjing's Wedding on 6/21/2009

Mo HuiLan, monther-to-be Bi Wenjing & Kui in Sep. 2010

Kui & Han Han - professional rally driver & best selling Chinese novelist in Dec. 2010 (Kui loves rally driving and takes this hobby very seriously)

Kui's loverly daughter...

Kui's loverly pupils...


  1. Very cool to see these pics of KYY and the other great ones of her era...thank you!

  2. Evey,
    Thanks for the comment. I loved those photos too, especially the one from MF’s party in 2008-pretty much a reunion to me. But I wasn’t sure about the ones on the left in the back row. So I wrote to KYY, and she was so nice to reply me. Turned out they were friends. And from another blog of hers, I found Zhu Yingying married to Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast Xin Aowei and KYY’s another teammate Jin Ying’s husband is gymnast Li Jing. I think I should do a Chinese gymnasts couple piece.。。

    1. Dear John,


      Would make my day. :)

  3. did you notice that Han-Han also drives a Subaru?