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CCTV Coverage of Chinese National Gymnastics Team 2011 Spring Festival Gala

-translated by longdoydoy

Female presenter: Yesterday, the Chinese gymnastic teams celebrated the Spring Festival in advance. (Lunar New Year being on Feb 3, 2011)
Male presenter: Every year, the teams bring forth their shows in celebrations with dances and songs.
Female presenter: For instance, He Kexin had a performance that tickled our hearts.
Male presenter: Let’s take a look.

(scene shows Kexin’s skit)
Kexin: …okay, can I do one for you? I will bring to you the hottest song this year…(she proceeds to sing off key) (supposedly a popular song in Asia, but I can’t trace it) (Yilin claps in a guffaw)
(Kexin interviewed)
Kexin: (in laughter)…I was at first too embarrassed to sing that song but big sister He Ning asked me to go for it, so, I did…
(back to Kexin’s performance, she proceeds to yelp out)
Yilin and Cui Jie: (point at Kexin, in laughter) Stop! Stop that right now!
(back to Kexin’s interview)
Kexin: I couldn’t even bear to hear my own singing, it was just so goofy!
Interviewer, Zhang Jie: Did you find this a hard song to sing?
Kexin: Yeah it was hard, I just couldn’t find the right key. (chuckles)
(host of festival shows, Chen Yibing, interviewed)
Zhang Jie: How many eve of Spring Festival has it been for you in the gymnastic team?
Yibing: How many? Ten, no wait, this is the eleventh!

(scene shows Yibing and Yuyuan hosting on stage)
Narrator: This is also the fourth time Yibing has hosted the annual shows, and his new partner this year was Jiang Yuyuan; she received numerous praises since her appearance as a host yesterday, Yuan Yuan could be the prettiest female host of all past Spring Festival shows.
(Yuyuan interviewed)
Yuyuan: My teammates picked this dress for me, I had bought these shoes and I matched these and everything else myself. (chuckles)

(scene shows festival in progress)
Narrator: Basically, the national teams do not take holidays (with respective families) during Spring Festival, thus, for the athletes that have left home for all these years, the opportunity to celebrate among themselves is a precious and much appreciated event. And for the New Year, during the shows, many highlights were prepared for them; one of them being, the lucky-draw (where the holder of a number is drawn to win a prize), as we could see how excited it was from the expression of Zou Kai.
(scene shows Zou Kai punches the air and high five with teammate)
Interviewer, Zhang Jie: Why are you so excited?
Zou Kai: Because up till now, I haven’t won anything yet! As this is a “4 point winner”(???), so, my winning ratio for the big prize is very good as it will definitely be presented at the last draws.
Zhang Jie: What about yourself? (asking Zou Kai about his new year resolutions)
Zou Kai: Myself? Well, last year I said I hoped to grow taller by 10 centimeters, so this year, I will want to say that I hope to grow taller by 15 centimeters! (smug look on Zou Kai’s face. Jie chuckles)

(scene switches to another skit, of He Ning and Cui Jie)
He Ning: …do you want to know why Obama became the president of the United States?!
Cui Jie: Why?…not interested and I don’t wish to know.
He Ning: Okay, fine. Next question. Do you want to know why Cheng Fei became the world class vault gymnast?!
Cui Jie: Yeah why?!!
He Ning: Because when she vaulted she…( I couldn’t make out the words she said after that, but she was showing a cutout of a sole)
(scene shows fragments of other skits)
Narrator: These skits showed the creativities of the athletes and they were basically their original productions.

(Yilin at her skit)
Yilin: …fellow students, hear me now! When I say “Eee” you will say “Yo”! (Yilin’s calls responded, repeats)
Zhang Jie: I thought the “Eee Yo” interaction with the audience was great!
Yilin: The crowd that responded to my calls was actually pre-arranged, just to make sure there would be some responses. (laughs)
Zhang Jie: Oh…it was arranged?!
Yilin: Yeah.
Zhang Jie: Do you find it especially exciting to get together with your teammates and coaches and the management staff for the Spring Festival annual gala?
Yilin: Well, for me, the most fun and exciting part was always the rehearsals with them. (smiles)

(male gymnast, Zhang Chenlong, interviewed)
Chenlong: …this year I’m taking a break (from having to perform), and I will perform next year if given a chance.
Zhang Jie: Would you enjoy being a spectator or being a performer?
Chenlong: Of course being the performer would be much more enjoyable, but, it would also be so troublesome to have to rehearse for a performance as I’m so lazy these days. (chuckles)

(scene shows a tug-of-war on stage) (next, male gymnast, Feng Zhe interviewed)
Narrator: Feng Zhe, who loves to make jokes, didn’t get to perform in the festivals this year; he couldn’t help but told a joke during an interview.
Feng Zhe: Please allow me to tell you a joke: Do you know why the ocean is blue? (he’s about to tell a lame joke) That’s because there are fishes in the ocean. So, why does having fishes in the ocean have to do with anything about the ocean being blue?! .Well, fishes blow bubbles when they breathe, and, they go, “Blue blue blue blue blue…” (was that lame? Or what?!) (Zhang Jie chuckles)

(Deng Linlin interviewed regarding new year resolutions)
Linlin: I wish for better trainings in 2011, and that I will be able to present my best performances to everybody.
(male gymnast, Lu Bo, interviewed)
Lu Bo: Wishing everyone to be productive in this new year.
(male gymnast, Yan Ming Yong, interviewed)
MingYong: In this new year, I wish that the value of real estates and homes will go down. (big laughter)
(male gymnast, Teng HaiBin, interviewed)
HaiBin: I wish to hit the jackpot! (big laughter)
(male gymnast, Chen Yibing, interviewed)
Yibing: My new year wishes will include earning more gold medals. (smiles)
Gong Xi Fa Cai Gung Hei Fatt Choy Happy Lunar New Year... everyone and to our Team China. Jia Yo...Ga Yau!!!

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