Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reports on Recent National Gymnastic Training Camp(2)

(-translated by longdoydoy)

(CCTV5 Sports Studio)

Female presenter: The National Gymnastics training camp has just ended yesterday after just one week.

Male presenter: They had only trained in the mornings and evenings. During training, the coaches from the national team were observing intently; the purpose being, to select promising talents for the London Olympics.

(National training hall) (scene shows Zhang Nan sets the beam)

Narrator: For Coach Zhang of the Beijing team, it was the last day of training at the camp for her junior athletes; the 6-day-training-camp has come to an end. Over 60 young gymnasts were picked from all provincial teams to attend this camp, they were closely inspected by the national team coaches to be selected for the London Olympics WAG team.

(Coach Zhang interviewed)
Zhang Nan: I did not look closely, but I did pay some attention towards the young athletes from other teams; what I saw was that there were very few that stood out.

Narrator: Actually, this result was expected, as the same results were produced at the 3 other training camps previously; however, some favored young gymnasts were successfully selected. The name list will be announced after it is internally reviewed. For the coaches and athletes of these provincial teams, the significance of their participations was not only for the selections, but having the opportunities to drill themselves at these national training camps were precious.

Zhang Nan: After each training session, the young athletes stayed to watch the senior classes, and senior gymnasts were picked out to perform for the young ones.

(junior gymnast, Zhu (last name), of Beijing team, interviewed)
Zhu: I watched big sisters (seniors) like Huang Qiushuang and He Kexin.

Interviewer: Why was that?

Zhu: To watch their uneven bars routines, as, UB is also my specialty, I wish to gain more “feel” of it through watching them.

(scene shows Coach Zhang and Zhu at work)

Narrator: To these kids, having the opportunities to train with Olympic champions were not just about to gain the feel of their apparatus, but more so it was about their yearning for Olympic and world champion titles.

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