Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos from 2010 Toyota Cup

Thanks to as_bell- a Chinese gymfan studying in Japan, here are some of the interesting photos from 2010 Toyota Cup -mostly from day 2

Lauren's singture triple turns on beam
Musty looking over Lauren's BB routine during EF
Mustafina's double turns on beam

FX lineup #2
Sui Lu's opening pose...
Sui Lu's dance moves. Seems SL was one of the photographers' favoriate. Where were all those photos??
Sui Lu's switch ring...
Dementyieva's opening pose
Mustafina's dance move after her jumps
Jiang Yuyuan finishing her FX
FX Podium

Jiang Yuyuan won gold on bar.
Linlin preparing bar for JYY...

Santa Hat
Gymnasts marching in, holding hands with the girls in cute Santa hats.
Another girl,JYY, posing with the cute Santa hat.

Chinese Gals, Russian Gals and Interaction
Musty walking over...
Kisses everywhere.

Promo clip from 2010 Toyota Cup DVD

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