Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best 5 Bar Routines from 2010

He Kexin's UB in Worlds TF
The routine has by far the highest E-score(7.4) in this quad. High releases, well performed turns, hit hand stands, improved dead hang, this routine is indeed unbeatable if hits. Kexin is training for a new skill on bar- not sure where she can upgrade though. But still very much look forward to what else she can add into this already breathtaking bar routine.

Beth Tweddle UB in Worlds EF

5 releases, one pirouette and upgraded double double dismount, Beth’s bar routine is one of most innovative bar routines-- in history.

Huang Qiushuang's UB in Wolrds Prelim

Her innovative “huang-turn” (elgrip-endo to immediate “Bi”) is the highlight of the exquisite bar routine. Qiushuang had such a bad rep for her inconsistency under pressure, and any coach would probably think twice to put her on the team. But she is so versatile and her vault, bar and floor are all one of the best China team get. I guess we would continue to see her a lot in 2011 international competitions.

Aliya Mustafina's UB in Voronin Cup

Best routine she did in 2010. As Andy put it, "this is routine has such an incredibly smooth flow and every skill has its place…nothing is added simply as a filler.”

Tatiana NABIEVA's UB in worlds AA

IMO, her toe-on layout Tkatchev was the new skill of the year, and Nabieva connected it to a Pak . But she has a long way to go to improve her consistency and techniques.

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