Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coach Lu Looked back on Rotterdam

During his recent interview with "Tencent", Lu talked about the Chinese WAG overall performance, judging inconsistency and more...

[Prior to Rotterdam], I saw the videos of two Russian gymnasts doing Amanars, but I thought they were sloppy and would definitely be devalued. Comparing to what happened to Cheng Fei's Amanar vault in 2006, Cheng had much better forms and was devalued. The same thing happened on their triple-full dismounts from beam.

China's failed pre-meet estimation forced its gymnasts to throw more difficulty on bars because of their relative lack of difficulty on vault. While He nailed her famous bars routine in the team final, both Jiang and Huang Qiushuang committed costly errors.

Huang has trained Amanars in the past, but Lu said he did not let her unveil it in Rotterdam because she separates her legs in pre-flight and because of her inconsistency throughout her career. Jiang, who competed the vault in 2008, still trains it as well.

The Chinese will be more competitive on vault, however, by the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I believe next year, or in London, there will be 6.5 vaults from the Chinese women.

More on Coach Lu's background and his coaching conviction can be found in IG's new report.

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