Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yang Yilin- first runner during the torch relay in Guangzhou

Yang Yilin, a native of Guangzhou, will be the first runner during the torch relay in the host city of 26th Asian Games. A short interview from Yang.

On the first runner.
"It is really excited to be the first runner of the torch relay in Guangzhou. I only knew it two days ago. It's a great honor and I really looked forward to it."

On the reason why she is the first runner.
"I guess the reason I was picked to be the first runner is because I am a native Guangzhou, and also I am a Olympic Champion. "

On the Asian Games and her goals
"As this will be my last Asian Games, it's exciting to compete in my hometown. And I will prepare harder and try to performance better. The first goal is the Team title, as it is the most important. As for the event finals, it's all up to the performance from the prelim( & TF)."

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