Friday, November 5, 2010

Cheng Fei is training again

Rumor has it that Cheng has been training since last August. It was confirmed in one recent WeiBo(Chinese Twitter) of Fang Ye that Cheng Fei is training again. However, during an interview in August 2010, Lu ShanZhen said

"Cheng Fei is a veteran with injuries. It will be hard for her to get back to her peak level within two years of time(for 2012 London). But she has not given up, and her persistence set up a good example for the members of current national WAG team. Once her rehab is fully done, her first challenge will be weight loss, before technical skill recovery begins."

A Cheng Fei Montage made by LiVeLiKeURdying2, better than any CCTV Cheng Fei documentary I have seen.

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