Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Updates from Coach Lu's Blogs

Coach Lu updated 4 blogs with his comments on the Asians Games regards Chinese WAG TF, AA, EF Day 1, EF Day 2.

Here the translation from IG

On the competition in Asian Games
The Asian Games had a relatively relaxed atmosphere without pressure. As long as the there were no major mistakes they would take gold, which affected the attitude of our gymnasts. At the world championships and Olympic Games, with teams from the United States and Europe, the question is if our gymnasts can withstand that kind of tension and stress and compete with high morale, confidence and peace of mind.

Both Lu and Jiang herself actually mentioned in a post-competition interview that Jiang was "under the weather"(a sudden period) in the TF.

On Chinese WAG's Golden Sweep in Guangzhou .
The Asian Games results don't really represent how powerful our team is. Despite the so-called 'grand slam' of the Asian Games gold medals, we should keep a clear head. The success at the games is only the beginning. The Chinese team has a long way to go toward the 2012 Olympics!

On the Jiang Yuyuan's performance in TF
Despite the joy in taking all the golds, we can't ignore the many problems, such as the inconsistency of Jiang Yuyuan and Huang Qiushuang. Jiang Yuyuan was not at her best in the team competition, and although we can understand an error, as an elite athlete she should not be allowing multiple mistakes. And as the women's team captain, her performance is critical in stabilizing the team.

On Huang Qiushuang's overall performance.
Huang Qiushuang was wildly inconsistent at this meet. In the all-around final, in fact, she had a better chance of Sui than winning. "In the competition she is always unstable... she needs psychological counseling and guidance to learn how to control herself.

His Comments on Chinese WAG's Vault.
The Asian Games served as a warning, that especially on vault we need to make great efforts to improve.
Words on the street that Huang can do a Amanar, but never compete one yet. Another Chinese junior Yao Jinnan is training Y900. The main theme for Chinese WAG's traditional "winter training" will be upgrade upgrade, as usual. Let's all wait till next Spring to see those new skills.

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