Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shannon Miller on the World Championships in Rotterdam

Shannon Miller was recently interviewed by Gym Power about her thoughts on the World Championships in Rotterdam

On Chinese Gymnastics:

The Chinese were incredible, even with a few errors, on the uneven bars. (TF)

And I love watching the Chinese on balance beam and uneven bars. I hope to see a little cleaner routine during the next round but they are simply beautiful to watch.

Deng Linlin is simply amazing. She has so much difficulty throughout her routine. If she becomes consistent on this event and works on making her routine a little more fluid she will do very well.

The Chinese have a history of making major mistakes when they are within range of clenching the gold. They were able to overcome that history at the 2008 Olympics but it seems to have returned. With the heavy deductions that a fall brings it is more important than ever to be able to hit your routines. While a high start value certainly helps, in the end, whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins! However, I was surprised overall at how many mistakes were made by almost all the teams. It’s a building year so it could be that everyone is just working out the bugs preparing for the Olympic year!

Click through here to read the full interview where Shannon reviews both the Men’s and Women’s gymnastics at the World Championships this year.

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